Frequently Asked Questions About Wood Pellets for Horse Stalls

Q: How do I use Barefoot Bedding

Start with a clean , stripped stall and place 6-8 bags of Barefoot Bedding on it. With the bags flat, cut an X to open them up, lightly mist with water and let stand for 5 -10 minutes as they expand. Then remove bags and spread evenly throughout the stall to a 4-6”depth.

Q: What is Barefoot Bedding made of are there any additives?

Our wood pellets are made from pure Southern Yellow Pine with no additives.

Q: Are wood pellets dusty compared to shavings?

Some people have used wood pellet fuel and complained they are dusty. Barefoot Bedding wood pellets are made to different specifications using premium Southern Yellow Pine with extra screening to prevent dust.

Q: Will my horse eat wood pellet bedding?

No, horses are smart, they might take a smell or sniff and realize what it is.

Q: How much will I need?

Typical horses use between 75 and 125 bags per year, depending on size, habit, stalls, and turnout.

Q: Where can I buy it?

Look at our dealer locator . If we don’t have local distribution we may be able to ship to you direct for larger truckload quantities. Typical truckload quantities are 22 tons, with split trucks or half loads possible.