Why Use Wood Pellets vs. Shavings?

  • Absorbs moisture and ammonia, reduces smells
  • Easy to use, half the storage area required of shavings, reduces waste and maintenance
  • Less maintenance reduces stall labor costs 30-50%
  • US manufactured, not subject to Canadian exchange fluctuations.
  • Does not stick to horses, blankets or human clothing like shavings
  • Lower moisture content than shavings, 6% vs 14% means more absorbtion
  • Kiln drying and pelletizing process heats and burns off wood resins and oils for most hygienic product possible.
  • Reduces overall bedding costs, particularly labor and manure disposal

The Benefits of Wood Pellet Bedding at Horse Facilities

There is increasing use of wood pellets over wood shavings for bedding in horse stalls at facilities thatare striving to be environmentally responsible. One of the major benefits of the use of this material isthe 40-60% reduction in the quantity of the waste material (soiled bedding) that is generated. Horsewaste may managed at the site, composted, applied to farmland, or unfortunately in some cases, disposedof in landfills. An important benefit of using pellets is enhanced compostability, which allows ahigher proportion of manure to bedding from stall waste in the compost pile.

From the perspective of natural resources conservation and environmental stewardship, reducing thevolume of waste material is a positive step that horse facilities can take to become “environmentallyfriendly”.This fact sheet describes the wood pellet bedding material, the basics of how it is used installs, the benefits of the bedding for the horse and facility owner/manager, and also how the composting process can be enhanced through its use.

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